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Who We Are

BGW Technologies is an electronic security and technology products distributor.

We were established in 2010, when our parent company and Queensland family owned business, BGW Group extended their distribution line of businesses into the technology and security market. Many of the business virtues upheld by the Webb family of businesses have been carried into BGW Technologies, none more important than providing the best possible experience, no matter where or how you deal with us.

To deliver on this promise, we are focused on our key strengths; our people, our customers and suppliers.

This ‘people first’ culture which is woven into the fabric of the organisation embodies many admirable traits including, accountability, responsibility, passion, caring, respect, listening, learning, understanding and going beyond the call, to name but a few.

The foremost beneficiaries of this culture, are of course our employees, who get to work in a trusting environment that is enjoyable, and that offers them a genuine sense of security. With this they are able thrive with confidence and are able to perform at their best.

The real winners though, are our Customers and Suppliers, who get to work with a team of professionals that they can depend on. There is something special about knowing that the product will be the right one for the solution, that it will arrive on time, that it will work, and that you have the support you need to complete the job.

Like our team, our Customers and Suppliers are able to be at their best when they don’t have to worry about these things. This outcome is very important to our mutual success, and embodies our You Win, We Win motto.

Everything comes back to our reason for being, ‘we believe loyalty is created by delivering people, product & service to such a brilliant standard that customers/people “feel” compelled to keep coming back for more’.

Our People - An Extension To Your Business

We pride ourselves on having the best people with real industry hands on experience and deep industry knowledge.

Our sales and technical people are often people who held previous roles as engineers, technicians and systems integrators who have years of in-field experience, who understand what your business’ pain points are.

Our people are the reason we have become so successful and have become the security and technology products distributor of choice for so many businesses in the security industry over the last decade.

Our Market Segments & Verticals

Our people and products enable us to offer a wide variety of solutions into many varied market segments, these products and servies also allow specialise in some key government and enterprise verticals

Market Segments

  • Government
  • Retail
  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Enterprise
  • Residential

Government & Enterprise Verticals

  • Transport (Rail, Road, Bus, Ferries)
  • Health (Hospitals an Age-Care)
  • Logistics (Warehousing & Distribution)
  • Retail (Shopping Centres, Multi-site, Franchise)
  • Public Space (Safe City’s, Museums, Art’s Precincts, Libraries)
  • Corrections (Prisons and Youth Justice)
  • Entertainment (Casino’s, Pubs & Clubs, Sports Stadiums)
  • Education (University’s & Independent Schools)
  • Resources (Mining, Oil and Gas)
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, SES, Country & Rural Fire Services across Australia)

Comprehensive Product Range

We represent a comprehensive range of world class suppliers and their products. We not only stock and distribute these products but we also provide system design, technical support and project management services.

  • CCTV (Milestone, i-Pro Panasonic, Pelco, AlliedTelesis, Exacq, VixVizion, AgentVi, Ilimunar, Tamron, Fujinon )
  • Alarms (DSC Neo, DSC Impassa, DSC PowerSeries, DSC PowerG, Qolsys,
  • Access Control (Lenel S2, Kantech, Assa Abloy)
  • Perimeter (Senstar)
  • Intercoms (Kocom)
  • IT Hardware, Networking & UPS (Dell, Stratus, Digicor, AlliedTelesis, KBC, Antrica, Juniper, ION, Eaton)
  • Wireless IT Networking (Infinet, AlliedTelesis, Ubiquit)
  • Accessories (Full line up of accessories for the above)

The Latest Technology

Our team are across all the latest products and trends within the electronic security industry so we can keep you one step ahead. We proudly partner with many of the world’s most innovative security and technology brands which are serviced by our dedicated technical sales, support and training specialists.

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Value Added Services - Project Services

As a security and technology distributor, we service the physical electronic security market throughout Australia.

Saving time and money on your projects is something we understand and can help you directly with via our project services. We can often do things quicker and at a lower cost which helps your business focus on more important and profitable tasks. One thing is for sure, “It costs nothing to ask us…”

  • Post Sales (Large inventory warehousing and despatching)
  • System Design
  • IP address scheming and labelling
  • Pre-staging (Servers, Workstations, IT Switches, VMS, Camera Config.)
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Post-Sales Support
  • Training

Total Solutions - One Stop Shop

Our deep product offering enables us to provide individual security and surveillance products as well as comprehensive technology solutions for small applications right through to large and complicated enterprise projects.

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Quality Brands

We work closely with our valued industry partners to bring you the most innovative and cost-effective security solutions from Australia and around the world